Ranger Ruffhousen and recurring member Special Agent Sam share noble musical history on their belts, most notably being Helter Skipper and the Gilligan Mansons, Cheeky White Devils, and The Xenophiles. Sergeant Snake, Brigadier B.Ski, and Deputy D. prior to putting on a uniform, dabbled amongst many different incarnations together: Grasshopper II, Ladle of Gruel, and lastly Philo Gant. They rocked the Pacific Northwest and beyond but decided to become full-time Fun Police members in November ‘08. Many musical talents have contributed to the history of the Fun Police and often join us on stage for special events. We thank them for their years of service: Sgt. SWAK, Corporal Coyote, Officer Orange-Fuzz, Sergeant Snake, Special Agent Sam, Major Munk, Special Agent Sub-Zero, Veteran V.Dub, Major Mullet, and Officer Cox. The band is comprised of metal workers, box makers, bartenders, cable operators, interpreters, tinkerers, cartoonists, Mormons, Catholics, Atheists, Technocrats, Neo-Luddites, Agnostics, slackers, stoners, go-getters, vagabonds, male sluts, and virgins.