Tales of the Great Boozo CD (2015)


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1. The Invasion Continues
2. Winnebago
3. The Great Boozo
4. Tea Party
5. Shoplifter’s Shuffle
6. Sober
7. Dispensary Bust
8. Broken Things
9. Land of the River
10. Butterfly in China
11. Ramtha



Attention Clowns:
The Fun Police have finally finished their third full-length album entitled, “Tales of the Great Boozo”! With the kind help of engineer, producer, benefactor, and mid-wife Scott Maas, a new album popped out of the collective Fun Police womb last night. Though it came in screaming and totally disoriented, it was soon on its feet and babbling semi-nonsensical things about Things Broken by a Winnebago dwelling man named Ramtha who lived in The Land of the River. We don't believe this album was born Sober. He mentioned something like, “The Invasion Continues but not to blame it on the Butterfly in China”. (Pure gibberish if you ask us). He then put his little pinky up, and declared that it was time for a Tea Party. It wasn't till we spotted him doing the Shoplifter Shuffle that we noticed our wallets missing. As quick as a greased midget clown on a slip-n-slide he was was out the door – without even a word of thanks. What an assclown! We heard on the radio that at approximately 420 in the morning there was a Dispensary Bust, we suspect our little guy might be involved. If you see him around please do not contact the proper authorities; contact us. Listen to him. See what he has to say. Maybe it's not all gibberish. Throw money at him, beer maybe. See what happens.

Thank you everyone for your support in this matter.
We heart all you clowns,


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